~30-minute Photoshoot
1 location
+15 professionally edited images



~1.5 hour Photoshoot
1 location
+35 professionally edited images
15-sec highlight video



~3 hour Photoshoot
1-3 locations
+60 professionally edited images
15-sec highlight video


Drone Photo/Video

3-5 images
15-30 second video
Available as an add-on or Standalone



⧫ Deposit: 30% deposit due to confirm, remainder due following the photoshoot.

⧫ Refund Policy: 7 days in advance.

⧫ Transportation, entrance, and other fees are not included unless noted.

⧫ Gratuity is greatly appreciated but never expected.


– Try to arrive at the session in good time so you can relax, adjust your hair, and take some time to chat with the photographer.

– Bring two or three outfits so that the photographer can create a range of different shots and consequently you’ll benefit from having a set of portrait photos you can use for different uses over a period of time.

– You should certainly try to have a night in before the shoot so you look your best.

– Above all, relax and enjoy the session. A good photographer will be able to make you feel at ease and also enjoy your shoot. Both you and the photographer will be more satisfied with the images as a result of capturing something of your true personality.

– If you’d like to learn to shoot your own portraits, so you can bypass booking me as your photographer (not recommended of course), here are some tips on shooting portrait photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I am based in the Palm Springs area and also accept photoshoots in Joshu Tree National Park and surrounding communities.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

I am extremely understanding and will work with you to ensure we capture you at your best. In return, I ask that you cancel or reschedule 48 hours before our scheduled shoot.

How will we choose the time and location(s)?

Once you have booked a photoshoot, I will contact you so we can discuss all the details and determine what time and location(s) work best. I have shot in dozens of locations throughout Tulum and will be more than happy to offer suggestions and provide a list of places to choose from.

When and how will I get my images?

You will receive a secure online gallery link and password with all your images within 1 week (sometimes less depending on the season). You can download images individually to your mobile device to all at once using a computer, and even order prints and have them shipped anywhere in the world!

Can I have the RAW files?

Under most circumstances I do not include RAW files for photoshoots because most people do not own the software to edit them, however, if you are a photographer or have the understanding and software to process RAW images, I will make them available for an additional fee. Contact me for details.